Transitioning from OLTP to BI

I’m relatively new to the BI world, having spent much of the past 10 years Architecting back end OLTP systems, doing some Business logic in C#, along with other infrastructure.    My role has been evolving to where much of the OLTP architecture has moved to someone else’s plate, and I’ve been asked to help our leadership gain a better grasp of the data inside our business.   I’ve still retained leadership of our Infrastructure, so I still get to play with Active Directory, Server Configs, DNS but the day to day on that side is handled entirely by my team, with me just providing guidance as to where I’d like to go.

As the person that architected most of the data we have on premise, that catalogs our customers, our clients, our vendors it seems somewhat logical that this be my new role.   I have to admit the transition is hard, that OLTP system is “my baby”, and releasing control over it’s internals over the past year has been a long journey for me personally.

That being said – it’s been a fun journey to start playing with BI tools, figuring out visualizations, starting to learn DAX,  Actually using SSIS to retrieve data and pull it together into single systems.    Along with the conversion, I’ve begun creating a DataWarehouse (Esque) storage location using Azure Sql DB’s. I wouldn’t call this a full scale DataWarehouse, as I’m aggragating data up using Stored Procedures and SSIS to then move it to the Azure Sql DB (Not Azure Sql DW), but it’s certainly teaching me alot about different options for Schematizing Aggragations, rather then using Normal Form for OLTP that I’ve built for so many years.

So – I’m curious – If you had to pick a BI conference to go to this year, what would it be, and why?



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