Lessons I’m slowly Learning

Around 2 years ago I wrote a post about things that I need to learn.   That post focused not on technical skills, but soft skills.   As I’ve progressed through my career, technical skills have always come fairly easily to me.   Getting outside of the technical skills and into a “softer” career focus has always been a challenge.

Today I had a conversation with another Co-Worker, she much like me, is a Type D personality (Disc Profile Assessment), she has a leaning towards the DI, while I have a DC.   This places us often at odds but she said some things to me today that I wanted to acknowledge.

She acknowledged my attempts over the past year to become “softer”, “more approachable”.  These have been long standing goals for me, and to hear that from a peer meant a lot to me, especially from someone whom I’ve butted heads with MANY times over the years.

I have miles to go until I reach my goal, but today I felt accomplished in that someone recognized how hard I’ve been working at softening the approach I take with people.  Listening before I speak, and really thinking first of the customer’s needs, rather then what fits best for the overall strategy of the company.

And now back to my regularly scheduled technical reading, rather then writing these odd blog posts.

— Mike


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