I am an IT professional, and the more of us I meet, the more I understand how hard it is for us to make friends.

There is the automatic “keep to ones self” that many of us struggle with. This struggle is one that I’ve mostly overcome, but in a loud room with lots of people I will naturally gravitate towards the back and away from the center.

There is the lack of trust that is almost trained into us. What is the users real issue? Did they do something wrong? What’s the real goal of this project and the project owner? Why do users always lie?

It is rare that I find a friend, a friend that I can trust to tell my really awful thoughts to, and they share back the ones that are just as bad as mine. Thank you Gill for being that friend for the past 10 years, while I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I do treasure that friendship that we’ve cemented. You will always have a special space inside my “Friendship Hall of Fame”.

Be well.


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