Sql Pass – Recap For Manager’s to Show ROI

First let me start off this email thanking you both for the opportunity to attend this year, I learned so much, and learned just how much more there is to learn on this subject.

The immediate benefits that I have from this learning experience are:

  1. Performance Tuning: This has been an area I’ve been working hard at over the past year, but struggled with definite ways to identify issues, and quickly identify issues.
    • I attended multiple sessions on Performance Tuning, and have 3 or 4 new concepts that will help with identifying and pinpointing the areas inside a query that need to be tuned.
  2. Baseline Monitoring: As administrators both me and my co-worker work with a “If it isn’t broke …” type mentality most of the time. The problem being, if it isn’t broken we don’t know how it’s running. Base lining our system’s performance will give us more accurate data to make decisions about:
    • Overall server utilization
    • Heath of Services

    With better data, we’ll be able to make more informed decisions about Hardware Purchases / Cloud Service Offerings etc.

  3. Network of Acquaintances to Ask: As the only “data guy” here, I’ve often come across problems that have taken me hours of research / trial and error to fix. I feel like after the time I spent with several people this week I can ask an occasional question to get clarification without being an intrusion. This in and off itself has tremendous value.

Longer term, the need for enhanced data security involving Encryption of Backups, Encryption of Data Transmission over unsecure Network Connections, Tighter Access Control to Applications and Data are all subjects that I spent some time discussing. One of my pet projects for several years has been to change our Connection String login credentials between the RFC Application and the Database, while at the same time eliminating the old SA type connectivity. With what I learned about SQL Security, I have every confidence that Lee and I will be able to pull this off with a coming release.

Finally, in our Strategy session for next year, one of the questions left out there, that I didn’t conclusively answer was “What do you want to do next year?”. The amount that I learned and the people who I connected with this past time, definitely have me wanting to going back to this session. With that in mind, they are offering an Early bird special for next years that includes two full day sessions (Topics TBD) as well as the 3 days of Conference sessions for only $1395, approximately the same price that we paid this year, without the 2 full day sessions – this price is available until November 15th, so we definitely have some time to decide before we jump on that price. For reference I have included the Full day Classes offered at this year’s Summit below, I would expect to have a similar offering of classes in next year’s conference.

Again – Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend. If you have any questions about my time there – just let me know!
Michael Essen


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