SQL Saturday 89 – Atlanta GA

This past saturday I attended a SQL Saturday held here in Atlanta. This was my first SQL Saturday event, and I loved it. In my day to day existence, I’m the only “Data guy” for the company that I work for, so fairly often I’m accused of being irrational in my desire to normalize, and make things “Right” for where we’ll be (hopefully) 6 years down the road. Getting to hang out with 500 (or so) of people that think the same way that I do, was an absolute breath of fresh air, all while getting to learn about subjects that I need to know more about in order to continue to professionally grow.

My morning started off at about 6am, the sessions were to start around 9am, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get ready, and make it on time. The commute up to the event was non-eventful and took me about 1.5 hours to get there.

Throughout the course of the day I attended 5 hour long learning sessions, with a hour in the middle for lunch/networking, followed by about a hour at the “after-party”.

The sessions that I choose to go to were:

  • Database Makeover: Renovate your Data Model – Given By Audrey Hammonds (@datachix2 on twitter)
  • Top 10 Admin Mistakes on SQL Server – Given by Kevin Kleine (@kekline on twitter)
  • Lunch — I found a table with a few guys sitting around, and we BS’d about work and stuff. Interestingly, one of those guys happened to be Audrey Hammonds’ husband. What a small world.
  • Inside SQL Server Wait Types – Given by Bob Ward (@bobwardms on twitter)
  • PowerShell: Are you checking out my profile? — Given by Nicholas Cain (@SirSql on twitter). This was the session that my volunteering got me to moderate. Me a moderator. HA!
  • Stupid PowerShell Tricks – Given by Jim Christopher (@beefarino on twitter)

Afterwards I went and had a few beers with the other Volunteers, Speakers and Attendees. I could have done better with my networking, but primarily sat and talked with @SirSql, @Beefarino, John (Totally don’t remember his last name), with a few drop-ins by @SqlVariant. Enjoyed it, and hope to have a few more beers with @SirSql at the Summit.

My next few entries will be a breakdown of the sessions that I went to, as well as some take aways that I’ll be taking back to my day to day life.

Thanks to all who organized, spoke and sponsored this event.
Mike Essen


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