The Fourth of July and Work

I’m sitting at home now relaxing, after taking the kids to the pool, grocery shopping thinking about the holiday and what it means to me.   During a conversation at work earlier this week I made the comment that the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, and I think that’s true.

This holiday has always been one of relaxation, from the time as a kid that I used to relax in the neighbor’s field to watch fireworks light the sky, to today where I relax in a field (but with a folding chair!) and watch fireworks light the sky.  It seems to be a perfectly symetrical holiday, in that 9 times out of 10 I spend this holiday relaxing in a field, watching fireworks with those that I love.

In many ways this mirrors work, no, I don’t spend 9 out of 10 days at work relaxing in a field, rather I spend 9 out of 10 days learning and doing something that I’m passionate about.   Whether that happens to be learning something new about SQL Server, or trying to integrate a ugly 3rd party appliance into our workflow, or talking about processes and what we as a group can do to make the processes better.   These things, like what I look forward to every year in July, are what I look forward to on a day to day basis.

I guess this blog entry is another one about me being thankful for where I am in life.   There were many times in my past where I honestly could not say I was happy.   Today, I feel like my life is on track, my family is secure, and everything is moving forward in a way that I could not have planned better.

I’m happy, even if my grass is sometimes brown, I’m positive it isn’t greener anywhere else.


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