Strangers Met on the Road to The Queen City

This weekend (Friday & Saturday) I had the opportunity to go visit Charlotte, NC for a regional managers meeting for the company that I work for. Over the course of this two days, I got to interact with a variety of managers that I often do not have the chance to talk to very often, but this blog is less about that, then the other interaction that I had while at the meeting.

This other interaction for me was in getting to talk to two other travelers staying at the Charlotte Airport Sheraton that night that were not associated with my company. The two travelers, one from the West Coast, and one from the Midwest, were stranded there for the night after having been out of town all week for their perspective jobs. Due to weather in various parts of the country, Delta had canceled both of their flights, so they had to spend the extra night in Charlotte. They both worked for Software firms in the medical industry, I cannot recall either of the software companies names, just that they both did similar things, one more with enterprise level software, and one more directly related to specific hardware integration. That similarity lay in their job titles, and what they spent their days doing, Project Management / Software Integration. Hearing the two of them talk about their 40+ weeks a year on the road, driving project success makes me realize exactly how fortunate I am to be in the field that I am, with the job stability that I have.

Managing the software installation for a hospital, or group of hospitals sounds like a nightmare to me, despite the pay scale that they stated they were at (upon further research I’m not sure I believe their claims as the don’t make economic sense to me). Government related compliance is a foreign word in my day to day life, and one that I’m very glad I don’t have to deal with regularly.

So to the two stranger’s that I spent the evening talking to and having a drink with – thank you for the reminder, I hope you both made it home safe and sound.



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