Starting anew (blog)

As a part of that continuation of my career, it seems a requirement to have a blog.  I’ve had a blog in various forms throughout the past 6 – 10 years, and my online life spans back 20 years.   I haven’t had much of an online life here for the past several years, as I’ve been busy, raising two kids, working entirely too much.

A little about my history with having an online life:

  • In 1991, I discovered BBS’s, as a quiet introverted teen.   I joined a number of local BBS’s, and helped to moderate a few of them.    Topics of discussion were all over the place, art, science, politics, you  name it we discussed it.    At this point it was all single line BBS’s, so interaction was done one at a time, through forum type posts.
  • In 1993, I moved to Atlanta from rural upstate NY.   Here in Atlanta I found multi-user BBS’s, with between 3 – 30 dial in lines.   Yes the internet was around, but I hadn’t discovered it yet.  I spent hours upon hours making digital friends, whom I’d occasionally meet, but not very often.   In addition to my meeting people, this was the first place that I played an online multi-player game, the game was Mutants, and I spent hours “running” around a maze and chopping people and monster’s heads off.
  • 1995 – 1999: I discovered IRC.   I was a frequent visitor to the Undernet, where I Op’d more then my fair share of channels (they shall remain nameless), did my first programming in assembling an eggdrop bot to assist with moderating one of the smaller channels.   I “met” a lot of people there, some of whom I still consider to be friends today.
  • 1999 – 2000: This was a period of time in my life where I did not have a huge amount of online interaction.  I was busy living, and pushing myself to be more social.
  • 2000:  My first introduction to a database.   Of course this database was an MS Access, not a “Real” database, but it gave me my introduction into writing SQL, and queries.
  • 2001:  I was a “pro” at Access.  I wrote complicated queries, designed interfaces, and the database that i helped build, supported 100+ concurrent users at its peak.
  • 2002:  I was given access to the DB2 relational database, where I was routinely asked to do “BI” work.   It wasn’t know as BI then, it was just “Hey, can we find out if….”.   Some of those queries were so massive against such a huge store of data, that generating those reports took hours.
  • 2003 – 2007:  At some point around 2003 – 2004 I started a LiveJournal account.  Where I occasionally blogged about personal items, and issues that I was going through.
  • 2004:  I found a new job, and transitioned from a desktop Access person, to someone more involved with true database design.    I was responsible for the port of a company using Access to support a 10Million dollar a year business, over to SQL server.
  • 2004+:   I’ve been involved with SQL Server ever since that point.   Learning, building and designing for the company I work for.   Our database has grown to encompass, CRM, Accounting, HR, and Compliance functions.   I’ve created and installed an Exchange Environment, manage a Domain for 70 – 100 users, and help maintain and push for a C# web application.  My bent has been more towards SQL then C#.
  • 2011:  SQL Server PASS.  I finally attended my first meeting here in Atlanta for a PASS chapter.   I found the meeting interesting, and swore to come back for more.   While I haven’t made it back for another yet, I am signed up to attend the 2011 PASS conference in Seattle.

All this being said, I think its time for me to have a new blog, a more “mature” blog. A blog that will be focused more on my current interests, and professional development and observations.   I have facebook for personal communications, twitter for a news stream, and I’ll use this space to discuss what I learn, and how I internalize what I learn.   Being a human, it will sometimes involve personal observations, but sometimes those are as much how we grow professionally as the things that we learn that relate to our careers.

For historical prospective, and because I cannot bear to have things not linked together, I’ve imported my old LiveJournal account.  In importing those entries, and cleaning them up, I’ve found how dramatically I’ve changed since I was that person that wrote those posts.  I’ve definitely matured, and in reading some of the posts, question why I would have said some of the things that I said, but they are part of me, and part of my history.   If I hid them, it would be like hiding a part of who I was, and what shaped me into the way I am today.

So, welcome.  I hope that we’ll get along well.  I hope that I’ll be able to write as much as sometimes I feel like I need to, just to let the pressure out.   As the title of my blog suggests, my mind is seldom quiet, and I almost always have something to say, or an opinion to express.


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