Commercial Differences

My sister-in-law recently had to go to China for work, she was gone for two 1/2 weeks and came back this past Friday. While she was there she had the opportunity to visit several chinese factories and do some shopping.

I wasn’t aware of this but most of the “name brand” purses / wallets are now manufactured in China in some of these factories that she visited. As a matter of fact Prada purses are made right next to Louise Vitton(I’m shocked I know how to spell this).

Anyhow the reason I’m writing about this is because in her shopping she went to the factories “Store” where she was able to purchase the purses that they made… She came home (luckily her bags weren’t opened @ customs) with 5 purses from a mixture of Prada and Louis Vitton all bought and paid for with aprox 100 US Dollars. My wife got 1, her mom got one, her daughter got one and she has two. I being the curious sort decided to see how much these purses would go for here in the US .. Can you believe between 600 and 1200 dollars??!? My god, maybe I’m cheap but who the HECK is buying purses for that much money?!?


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