A real Journal entry

I’ve absolutely been slammed at work lately but its been great because I’ve been forced to learn new things! Woohoo.

So far this month I’ve had to Repair a corrupted SQL Server 2005 database from its backup, configure IIS to do fail-over services to another server for a website, dip my wittle toe into the world of .Net programming in C#, do analysis on our current accounting package and do the everyday shit I’m supposed to do…

My wife tells me I work too much, my boss actually made me leave the office at 1:30pm 2 Fridays ago and another friend asked me why I do it (work so much) and I was at a loss, which has made me think that maybe its not right, that I shouldn’t work so hard, that I need to take more time to enjoy life…

So I tried it for about a week, I left the office at 5, took my lunch breaks and got in at 8. Now I’ve decided the reason that I do it is that there is too much work to be done .. that I will view the things that aren’t done as a personal failure. I’m not saying that its the right thing to do but its who I am.


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