Weird Fact About Me

So I left a comment the other day on someone else’s journal about how I officially graduated from two High Schools. Naturally a short time later I was asked how that was possible and in order to explain that I guess I have to give up a bit of personal information.

I was born and raised in Upstate, NY, specifically I was raised in Ithaca, NY a small town basically in the middle of no where that thinks it is the center of the universe (Most probably due to the fact that a large percentage of the population attends are teaches at an Ivy League college.)

I have two siblings — only one of which is germain to this situation. My younger brother was born with Trisomial 21, or more commonly referred to as Downs Syndrome.

I went to school in the Late 80’s and graduated in 1993. A period of time where cultural values were shifting from a conservative bent to a much more liberal outlook on just about everything. (Unfortunately they’ve shifted again but that’s another subject entirely)

When my brother started attending Elementary School the school district that I went to put him in the same school as the rest of us, however they segregated him into a class of his own, with a few other children with mental and/or physical handicaps. My parents were at the time very liberal and thought this was pure discrimination, so they decided to sue the school district where all of their children went to school. I believe the lawsuit started when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, however we continued to go to school as if nothing were occurring.

I guess something happened in my Junior year, or perhaps over the summer between my junior and senior years, to this day it has never really been explained to me what happened, all I know is that 3 days prior to the start of my senior year in high school my parents announce that we’re moving. I had already started with activities relating to school so it was a huge shock.

Two days after the announcement we moved and I was a Senior in a school where I knew NO ONE. Wow that was hard — and to make it worse my father made me join the football team. Now I was never really good at football, I played football at my original High School because I knew alot of them and because they had a great endurance coach, so I used football to get in shape for swim season. So here I am joining a team in a sport that I suck at in a school where I know No one. This was a great first impression and earned me a ton of friends immediately! NOT.

Anyhow before I get to ranting and raving too much about how my senior year in high school was horrible — let me just say that the lawsuit was finally settled about 2 years after I graduated, and one of the clauses in the settlement was that my name was inserted into the graduation rolls for Ithaca High. I still to this day hold alot of bitterness and angry towards my parents for the way that they went about our move. Its something that I’ve tried very hard to put behind me — but it just doesn’t ever seem to stay gone..


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