Long OverDue

Ok so I’ve been a slacker lately in regards to my journal, but honestly I haven’t felt there is alot to write about going on in my life.

Lets see:

I’m no longer in charge of a Kitchen Installation program here, because well the business failed. HOWEVER I transitioned smoothly into a new role at the same company doing IT & Accounting type functions, much more my cuppa tea as it were.

My New Years resolution is to lose some weight. I’ve managed to become a strapping 226lbs far more then I ever thought I could weigh. My goal is to get back below 200 .. lets see how that works out for me. God that number disgusts me.

I’ve started to teach myself Java, because that seems to be the direction the company I work for wants to go for their web portal. If anyone has any good books to suggest regarding java let me know so I can do some reading.

My biggest daily frustration is a Computer Programmer that this company contracted to build them a web portal. They agreed to pay him 5000 dollars for each “milestone” that he reached: Planning, Functional System, SP1, SP2 and SP3. He’s been working on it for a year now, soon we’ll be as functional as our old system (GOD I HOPE).

Anyhow, the last you can read or not read at your discretion. Its about someone that (For those of you readers who know me from a certain unnamed IRC channel in the past) we all knew and cared about. I can’t confirm the news but it resonated with me, so I think its probably accurate, anyhow its behind the cut if you care to click.

I heard today that Strudel is no longer with us, that she lost all mobility due to her MS and eventually commited suicide. While I hope that it isn’t true it would explain why none of us have heard from her in so very long. 😦


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