General Thoughts

Today on the way into work listening to the radio I heard that Rosa Parks died last night at the age of 92. This sparked a discussion on the station that I was listening to.

*As background I live in the South, Atlanta specifically but am originally from Upstate NY*

In general because of the upbringing that I had I tend not to think along racially divided lines, people are people are people. Living in Atlanta though I see on a regular basis how people treat others that are different then themselves. This is probably one of the most racially charged / divided cities in the US. Its something that you see / hear / feel everyday. Hearing about Rosa Parks today really drove it home to me the reasons why. Where I grew up the culture has been one of inclusion for a very long time, here on the other hand it is the parents of my age group that were the last to suffer in a state where laws segregated them from others around them, based soley on the color of their skin. Today the vast majority of us look at these laws repealed 40 – 50 years ago as stupid, horrible and unjust laws. Yet, today I hear the same language being spouted from politicians, a language of hate and degredation, targeted not at homosexuals and arabs alike.

I’m against hate in all forms, I believe that the constitution was penned to say “Created Equal”, although at the time the definition of equal was sadly lacking, we’ve come so far in our development of what those words mean. I fear that with the re-awakening of a society so focused on the values as preached to them by their representative of god that we are in danger of stopping (and perhaps even reversing) the forward trend that we as a people have made.

I honestly don’t know where we are going but everyday I fear that we are backsliding into past mistakes. To borrow the words from a book that I don’t really beleive in, but so many do: Love your enemy as yourself.

–My thoughts for the day.


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