Its Springtime isn’t it?

So the past few weekends I have definetly been feeling like its springtime, wanting to get out into the yard and outside of the house to start doing spring time things. Last weekend we planted some flowers and a new peach tree. I’m quite excited about the peachtree, it even has mini-mini peaches on it already! The flowers were kind of ho hum, but they make my wife happy to have pots of brightly colored flowers on the porch. Then for fun we took the kids to Chucky Cheese, you know where its great to be a kid? and GOD does it suck to be an adult! The kids love it there tho .. so we tolerate it.

This weekend I transplanted a rose bush and did something that we’ve literally been talking about doing since we moved into the house, I painted the porch (Just the railings and posts), my god was that alot of work, my poor right hand is sore from holding a brush for 5 hours yesterday and 4 the day before! The plan was also to get some azlea bushes but when we made it to Home Depot the selection sucked. We were going to go to Lowes and check, but alas just didn’t make it over there.

So I guess I’ll have 4 Azalea bushes to plant next weekend, mow and fertalize the lawn and possible (Depending on how the weather goes) buy new grass seed and seed the lawn again. I’m also supposed to plan a golf day at some point for a group of friends so we can waste our day out on a golf course getting tore up and oogling the beer girl!

Future projects for the house include (but are certainly not limited to):

Finish Basement (Hang drywall and install a HVAC vent)
Build a Wall to close off a portion of the garage
Buy and Install new Garage Doors and Openers
Hire a contracter to paint the house
Build stairs from the deck down to the backyard

I think the above should keep me busy for the next year or so and by the time I finish all that I’ll be ready to sell the house and move onto the next house of projects.


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