Whine Bitch Piss and Moan

Well I’m at a week with no smokes now … and I’m already starting to feel better, my head isn’t as congested, my breathing seems a bit easier … the cravings aren’t AS bad as they were, although I do still get some pretty nasty ones. I think I’m well on my way to having this one licked, my next big challenge will be going to a bar to have a drink and not smoking … but if I can not smoke while I drive I can surely not smoke while I drink..

Other news, my wife and I have made it past the 5 year point so we’re beating the statistics, of course our anniversery was on Friday and I didn’t get so much as a card … humbug!


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One response to “Whine Bitch Piss and Moan

  1. I see that a lot…the chick expects the guy to go all out for the anniversaries and holidays and whatever and never thinks to do anything nice in return. Now I can see that if the guy usually forgets, but otherwise that’s just mean!
    Good job with the quitting and keep up the good work. You know I’m proud of you 🙂

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