Happy Monday – Contractor Created a new Domain

Well its definetly a Monday… I come in this morning with a set of things to do .. just like everyday completely forgetting that our IT person (Contracter only) was going to install a Server 2000 environment.. (this shouldn’t be a HUGE deal)

So I get here this morning and go to open a MS Access Database I’ve been working on for the last 2 months and get a message that Office is trying to get some installation files that it needs to complete the setup, ok cool no problem … then BLAM … oh wait I don’t have Admin rights to my own PC now .. so forget that, it isn’t going to work .. ho hum…

Ok problem one summary:
Can’t Use ANY Office applications.

Problem Two:
I decide to reboot because well, obviously my PC went through some heavy work this weekend and perhaps it just needs to reboot to feel better … I reboot and go to log in with my user name and password from Friday .. ummm yeah … they don’t exsist .. my username is “Mike” woohoo but my password? Who the fuck knows! I eventually wake the guy up at home to get my password so I can at least pretend to work …

Problem Three:
I’m exploring the PC to see what else I can find F’d up … and low and behold I don’t have access to ANY of the sub-folders that *I* created in My Documents …

Man I feel like I should just go home and write this day off!


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One response to “Happy Monday – Contractor Created a new Domain

  1. sounds like a plan. tell your boss that some girl in texas said you could go home.

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