Best Buy (again)

Its official, I will never shop at Best Buy again, unless they can do something to turn this nightmare of a week around for me.

Background: As some of you may remember I purchased a 51″ Sony television from them on 2/19/05. After getting the Sunday paper I found out that the same TV was onsale for 400 dollars less then I originally paid, so I went back in with my receipt and got a refund of the difference but my purchase and delivery dates did not change! My order was to be delivered on 2/25 and I was to receive a phone call the night before letting me know the time that my TV was to be delivered.

Thursday Night: After not receiving a phone call on when my TV was going to be delivered by 8:15 I placed a call to the store to determine what time my TV was going to be there. After calling 5 times without an answer someone at Customer Service finally picked up the telephone and I find out that my order has been canceled. The lady at the store informs me that she will find out what happened and give me a call back (At this point I was thinking it was just a minor glitch and everything would be fine). About 20 minutes later I get a phone call back from the store informing me that the entire region is sold out of the TV that they sold to me 5 days previously. They offer a substitute which at normal retail is exactly the same price as the TV I purchased, a Toshiba 51″ set.

Consumer Reports Ratings
Sony KP-51WS520 $1,700 51 Very Good, Good,Good,Excellent,Good — 26 2 2
Toshiba 51H84 $1,700 51 Fair,Fair,Fair,Fair,Excellent,Good — 23 2 2

The two ratings that concern me the most are the First and Third, so comparing the two, Sony has VERY good HD programming vs Toshiba’s Fair and for Regular TV via High Quality connection Sony’s Good vs Toshiba’s Fair. So basically in Best Buys eyes it is perfectly acceptable to have me BUY a good TV then offer me a lesser TV when they over sell the TV that I bought. In my experience with Customer Service it is traditional that when someone makes a mistake of this magnitude the replacement quality should EXCEED the quality of the original purchase.

After my lack or luck in negotiating with the store I called 1-888-Best-Buy to talk to Corporate Customer Service. After wasting my time trying to find my way through there multi-level prompt menus I finally found a person, however this person worked for Best Buy online and wasn’t able to help me with a problem that occurred at a store. I finally got to the correct customer service department and after describing my problem to the customer service rep, I got the reply “Well that doesn’t sound like Best Buys way of doing business.” The next words out of his mouth after this were, “There isn’t anything I can do for you, its really up to the store.” This is a typical first response by a corporate customer service rep, but as I used to sit next to the customer service reps for Home Depot I understood that. In continuing to press I got him to agree to call the store and determine what further can be done. He would call me back, either that evening or the next morning. I received my call back shortly after getting off of the phone with him and he informed me that the Toshiba was the only offer that they were going to be able to extend to me at that time or I could get a refund.

Well Dammit I want my TV, if I get a refund I’ll probably never fork over the cash to go through this hell again. So I asked who he reported to and got the response of “Brad Anderson CEO of Best Buy”. Which REALLY pissed me off, there is no way he reports to him, BUT I will call his office today to continue to push for a favorable resolution.

More later…. as my day continues.



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10 responses to “Best Buy (again)

  1. Have you tried the Store Manager of the Best Buy you purchased at? What did they say?

  2. He was the one that offered me the Toshiba, I may have left that part out as I was getting a bit long winded.

  3. Asshats.
    Get the refund and buy elsewhere. I’d speak directly with the manager again, letting them know your research results on the inferior quality of the Toshiba, that you’d specifically ordered the Sony for [your reasons here], you’ve done $X amount of business with them over the years, and that you will no longer be doing so. Further more, you’ll be letting all of your friends and family know exactly how disappointing an experience this has been, combined with your DVD install experience, and encouring that none of them ever do business with Best Buy again themselves.
    I’m not saying that will change anything, but you need to be prepared to walk away from this, and actually do it.

  4. Isn’t that essentially “bait and switch” which I believe is illegal?

  5. That was my thought, but I’m going to do some research on the exact context of bait and switch.

  6. oh my dear lord. that’s insane. but madelah is right, you may have to say you want a refund, walk away, and then follow through…loudly. i find it amazing that they never bothered to call you and inform you that the tv you ordered and paid for was out of stock and that you were going to have to get another one. i mean, if you had not followed up would you have just sat there waiting on your tv to be delivered and then just let it go when it wasn’t? their customer service is a big fat joke.
    i’m not sure it would be considered bait and switch only because they can state that they had no idea that the television would sell out and therefore it was not a planned event that they would end up giving you the lesser quality television. perhaps, and i hope i am, incorrect.
    this is just sucky…bah…

  7. *encouraging, not encouring
    LJ should totally allow for editing of comments. Blah!

  8. Dude… should know the major rule in buying electronics…never buy computer or tv stuff from Best Buy. They are like the crackwhores of the electronic industry. ALWAYS buy tv equipment from an actual audio/video store. I did, and it mades a world of difference! I also paid WAY less for my tv there.

  9. Oh yeah, and FYI…I bought the Toshiba and it is an AWESOME tv.

  10. BB and the BBB
    My roomate used to work for Best Buy…and after hearing all the horror stories he used to tell me about that company, I’ve got just the link for you:

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