Monday Morning

Well its early Monday and man am I *TIRED*, why does the superbowl have to be on a Sunday every year? Can’t they be nice to us poor working stiffs and move it to, ummm Saturday??

Other then that not alot going on here, my wife and I actually get to have some time to ourselves (YAY!) this coming weekend. We’re going to a Comedy Club to see Caroline Rhea and then out for some dinner. Should be a good time, I can’t wait .. a whole night without the kids .. woo hoo!



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6 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. Caroline cracks me up – her self-depreciating humor stays just this side of annoying. Have fun darlin! You remind me I’d like to go back to Comix Cafe soon. Guess I’ll have to get the group together…

  2. Seriously, it should be moved to Saturday. I think you should write the NFL and aggressively pursue this matter.
    Good party, then?

  3. Not too bad, the game was rather boring and the commercials not so good this year, although I did enjoy the first monkey commercial. I guess making photocopies of your rear never gets old….

  4. The only commercial that had my attention was the one where the guy sneaks into his girlfriend’s apartment to cook her dinner, and after a series of accidents, she walks in to find him holding a knife in one hand and her cat in the other. Absolutely hee-larious!
    I think it was for some mortgage company. Who remembers? 🙂

  5. Ahh yes I liked that one too, and it was for AmeraQuest I believe, or whoever did the half time show …

  6. The only good thing about this year’s ‘bowl was that commercial and the fact that the Eagles got their bitch-cocky-asses pounded into the ground.

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