So I took a short break

But what the hey, my life has settled down a bit again, and once again I find myself behind a desk. You may ask what I’ve been up to for the past months (upon months). Well, let me tell you.

I was in sales for a short period of time, and for those of you that know me well, I’m sure you can imagine what a tough transition that might have been for me.

So, as you may or may not know I was unemployed, then I answered one of those “No Degree w/ Experience, Degree w/ No Experience?” type Monster ads, in Birmingham, AL because to be frank I was getting rather desperate for some kind of job.

My first hint of something being wrong, they tried to schedule me for my first interview the day of Hurricane Ivan. Well, I ended up going the day after Ivan was over and driving through rural Alabama was a treat seeing all the downed Trees and Flooded Lakes. I get to Birmingham early and get a bite to eat for lunch. The restaurant didn’t have power but fortunately they had dry ice (to keep the food cold) and gas stoves to cook.

I went through the interview which took 10 min! I was somewhat pissed about driving for 2 hours to have a 10 min interview but I was told that if I got selected for a second round interview I would hear something back by 6pm.

I got my call for the second interview at about 6:30pm and set up the second round interview for the next Monday. I go in and the second round interview is a 1/2 day spent driving around in someone’s car watching them do sales calls, and spending the day hearing about how GREAT this opportunity is. This set off some radar in my head, I mean I’m supposed to be selling myself to them right? Not them selling themselves to me all day.

At the end of the day I get offered the job, the first 2 levels are 100% commission based, but some income is better then none right?

Well as I progress into this new role I start to learn more and more about their company and the “Parent” company called CitCore. The more I learned the more skeptical I became, but hey I’d been told that within the next 6 months I’d be promoted to an Assistant Manager and be making 1500 a week. Well come Christmas I was the top producer in the office and well I wasn’t making any progress on getting promoted.

A friend came to me and said that the company she worked for needed some help orginizing a new program that they were running and VIOLA, I was able to come on board the first week of January and here I am. 🙂

ps. Skye darlin, is that better?



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5 responses to “So I took a short break

  1. well welcome back gosh darnit. heh. it’s good to know you’re all in one piece and such. job searching is horrid horrid horrid. i know this b/c after months of searching i finally found a job last july and worked through season and as of last friday they decided that since i was seasonal i could go away. the day before i moved houses mind you. grrr. my mananger was not a fan…course i am not one of hers either…apparently i didn’t kiss her ass enough or some such. however, i have two interviews set up this next week off of monster and i am going on monday to put apps in at some part time places near my new house. this week has been nice in that i got to set up the house and such and unpack all my boxes.(cept for my books which i keep putting off cause they’re in the garage and they’re heavy:()
    at any rate…glad to see you are back. xoxo.

  2. Much better 🙂 Any chance you’ll keep at this consistently? *smile* I’m glad you’re working closer to home now. That AL commute must have sucked rocks.

  3. Oh goodie, you’re back to using your LJ. I assume this relieves me of the time constraints in answering email, now? 😀

  4. If anything doesn’t that mean you have to answer them in a MORE timely manner, since you can reply to my posts? *smile*

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