Its been a few days since I posted

Not sure really what to write about. Its been a long weekend / week.

Friday I picked my car up from the mechanics (Did I mention that it needed some work last week?). I got home to change into work clothes and the phone rings. Its my mother’s work.

Apparently she had a seizure while sitting at her desk. She fell out of her chair and convulsed on the ground. In the process she managed to dislocate her shoulder. So forget work, I rush to the hospital. On the way I attempt to call my sister but ring straight into her voice mail. I leave a message stating “Its extremely urgent that I speak with you as soon as possible”.

I get to the hospital and two of my mother’s co-workers have been kind enough to wait for with her until I get there. I get there and she is out of her “room” getting a CAT scan done to determine what may have caused this seizure. To make a long story short ALL of the tests they run come back normal, so there is no apparent reason that she had this seizure. She has follow-up appointments scheduled with both the orthopedic(for her shoulder) and neurologist(To run more tests), but I’m worried that something is really wrong if they can’t find it.

Oh, and I finally hear from my sister at about 8pm on Sunday night. Talk about a sense of urgency! BLAH! My sister and I don’t really speak and it seems every time I talk to her I remember why. She’s 24 now … and STILL one of the most irresponsible people I know and that drives me crazy!

Anyhow, if you believe in “G”od say a prayer … I wish I had the comfort of really believing in a specific higher power that I can talk to …


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